Energy Works Michigan

In 2009 Energy Works Michigan was awarded a grant by the Michigan Public Service Commission to administer the Michigan Renewable Schools Program. Through this program, Energy Works Michigan implemented energy efficiency and renewable energy measures at Michigan K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. The Michigan Renewable Schools Program included a coordinated set of programs offered to K-12 schools statewide, including:
  • Energy Efficiency Program: to implement energy efficiency building upgrades
  • Renewable Energy Program: to install renewable energy systems, including solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind turbine systems
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  • Educational Resources: to provide teachers with energy lesson plans, lab equipment, and professional development to make energy efficiency and renewable energy an integral part of their classrooms and school community
  • Post-Secondary Program: to provide middle and high school students with an increased understanding of current academic and continuing education in energy efficiency and renewable energy at Michigan colleges and universities.
  • Student Contests & Teacher Grants: to engage teachers and students in green initiatives that explore the challenges and opportunities of building a sustainable energy future
To date, Energy Works Michigan has partnered with 67 public, private and charter K-12 schools and districts throughout the state of Michigan. 

Green betting

Did you know that you can now gamble and use the revenues to donate to environmental charities and green projects? Those residing in the state of Michigan can do a Michigan online casino sites comparison before choosing a sportsbook. Once they have an account, they can start placing wagers and the sites can donate their profits for environmental causes.

For instance, gamblers can create accounts with Green Bet and the site will then direct them to multiple bookmaking websites and online gambling sites. When players lose money to these casinos, part of it will proceed to this Green Bet fund. This is in exchange for directing web traffic to those online gambling sites. Green Bet then invests almost 70% of its earnings into projects, like installation of solar power stations in Namibia. The remaining is given away to environmental groups keen to take donations from gambling companies.

So, the bottom line is when you will lose money playing at an online casino in Michigan or any state, you might as well ensure that the money is spent for a noble cause. Many people are still not realizing how severe the treat of climate change can be on our world. If an initiative like this can help build renewable energy make more money compared to conventional energy, it is a good thing.