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Public Schools Utility Bills Staggering

Posted by Natalie Young on 16 Jun 2011
Public School Utility Bills Staggering
Original article posted by MSBO on June 15, 2011

Yes, that’s right, $149 million is the estimated amount that Michigan’s K-12 school districts are leaving on the table. I recently heard Emile Lauzzana and Jason Bing from Energy Works Michigan speak about the total utility budget for K-12 schools in Michigan. The numbers are staggering. Michigan’s public schools spent over $750 million (conservatively) in 2010 on utilities. Of that amount, Energy Works Michigan is estimating that $150 million worth of energy costs could be saved.

These estimates are not random, ballpark numbers but based on actual studies of energy consumption in K-12 schools. In fact, “the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 30% of the energy used in a typical building is either used unnecessarily or inefficiently. Despite tremendous progress, a great deal of work remains to be done to make buildings more energy efficient. Organizations don’t always understand the business value of energy efficiency or commit to capturing energy waste as part of their business strategy. There are essential elements of successful energy management, and most of them are not found in a checklist or a piece of technology. The EPA promotes a strategy that starts with top leadership, engages appropriate employees throughout the organization and outside the organization, uses standardized measurement tools to prioritize efficiency investments and track continuous improvement, and recognizes results.” See Sources.

In 2010, MSBO’s Energy Essentials saved Michigan K-12 school districts over $1,000,000. The return on investment to MSBO members utilizing the Energy Essentials program was well over 10%. Following is cost savings that MSBO members have seen over the past couple of years. Steve Lenar and Denis Taylor from Holly Area Schools said they have saved $341,000; Amy Swantek from Imlay City Public Schools said they realized savings of $149,000, and Debbie Lee and Lee Anzicek from Allen Park Public Schools said to date they are seeing savings of $154,000.

We congratulate your fellow members for their commitment to using MSBO tools that saved them money. We know that there is gold in your utility bills, about $149,000,000 worth just waiting to be mined. Isn’t a program like Energy Essentials worth an hour of your time per month?

For more information, contact Scott Little at [email protected] Start your savings program today.

By: Rob De Boer, MSBO Energy Essentials Program Consultant

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