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Ann Arbor School Leads by Example- How to Save Energy and the Environment

Posted by Kelly Weger on 14 Dec 2009
Rudolf Steiner's Lower School has been accepted into the Energy Works Energy Efficiency Program. As a program participant, they will get a detailed audit and report on how to save money and energy through behavioral and building improvements. This will include projected cost savings and cost-benefit analysis for each recommended improvement.

Their future plans for energy conservation at the Lower School campus include desperately needed updates to the building, which was constructed in 1965. They've slowly begun replacing single pane, aluminum framed windows with double-paned, wood framed windows in the classroom. Two classrooms have been finished. They are currently working on a Master Plan for the grounds to handle water run-off from the roof more effectively. Replacing light bulbs in all classrooms and the gymnasium with more energy-efficient, long-lasting bulbs and fixtures is also a goal. The Energy Works Energy Action Plan will help Rudolf Steiner decide the best way to move forward to improve their campus energy use. Rudolf Steiner is taking the first step to save energy, save money, and save the environment for future generations!

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